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      Elaborating our Skills in developing new Ideas and Innovations, our Vision and Performance in the field of Electronic Event Management at STATE, NATIONAL and a GLOBAL platforms.

      Latest Technology

      Our quality control guarantees production at par and in line with international standards marked with CE certifications and ROHS compliance.

      Dedicated Staff

      We have honors to cater hundreds of customers in over 400 cities spread over 33 provinces in China. We have succeeded in building long and strong relations with customers in USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Italy, M

      Technical Experts

      Global Communication.com has more than 5 branches across India with more than thousand satisfied clients. We also export to Gulf countries, North East Asia, UK and USA.

      What's Global Communication

      It is pleasure to put before you our profile showing our Skill developing  new vision idea innovation and best performance  in the field  of Electronic Event management in the STATE as well as National level  such as GUJARAT, BIHAR, ASSAM, ANDHRA PRADESH, GOA and including ANDAMAN NICOBAR etc. etc.
      We begin our journey with the DREAM PROJECT of our C.M. and our present HON. P.M. In the year 2003 from RANKEE WAW PROJECT linked with opening of NARMADA NEER PROJECT of the STATE which has converted a DREAM in present realty where we provided live telecast by installing screen projections within intercity of Patan, GUJARAT.
      There after we started out participation with the GUJARAT government's wherries programs from Vibrant Navratri at kankariya, Amdavad in the year 2003 and which we covered 8-10 km aria through small ordinary screen.  We are the first to introduce imported optical screen sense the beginning in year 2003, we are connected with the Wi-Fi technology from the start-up of the first near event, Ran Mahotsav (dhordo-katchh) even with our first led mobile wan in the India in the present of honreble president of Dr. Abdul Kalam.


      Video Processors

      Video Mixers

      Video Conteroller











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